We spend a lot of time at eHealth Technologies thinking about how to optimize the referral care cycle.  On the surface the problem is simple, right?

  • A patient is referred by their physician to an institution.
  • The institution goes through their intake process, collecting outside records as needed.
  • The patient shows up for their first visit and the physician meets with them armed with everything they need to practice great medicine.
  • The referring physician is kept up to date on their patients progress all the way through the process until they are finally discharged.
  • A seamless transition of care occurs back to the referring physician.

In practice, this doesn’t always happen, and that’s a problem.  If you are the physician, you won’t refer the next 10 patients to the hospital and will send patients elsewhere.  If you are the hospital, that’s lucrative revenue you just won’t see. If you are the patient .. well .. that’s obvious, right?

So, instead of talking about workflow and interoperability and how they may one day solve this problem, let’s start with the basics.  How are you, the hospital, even going to know this revenue loss, often termed “referral leakage“, is happening?  Do you even know who’s in your referral network?

As the provider of a clearinghouse and referral center management solution, eHealth Technologies knows a lot about your provider network.  We know who the practices and physicians are, how often they refer to you, what kind of insurance mix their patient’s have, and most importantly whether their usage of your services is going up or down.  We can drill that information down, allow you to easily set date ranges and filters, and provide easy ways for you to pull the data out in powerpoints, excel, csv, and many other formats.

MapAll of this is possible through our partnership with Domo – a leading provider of dashboard and visualization software.  We arrived at the Domo solution after an extensive review of the players in the analytics market that focused primarily on ease of use for our customers.

So, what can this solution do you for you?  Imagine being able to go to a web site and see exactly what’s going on with your referral network.  Imagine receiving alerts that tell you that a large practice in the area has decreased their usage of your services by 10% over the last month. Interested?

What I really like about Domo is how easy it is to use.  You login and go straight to a dashboard that shows you the most valuable Key Performance Indicators.  You notice a disparity, click on that KPI and then drill down through a series of visualizations to the actual data in question.  You then take action based on data that is less than a day old and set alerts to ensure the situation doesn’t happen again.

There’s a lot more to referral leakage, and I’ll be writing about it again.  However, you can’t fix a problem you don’t know you have, or one that you don’t understand the scope of.

Analytics can get you to the starting line and then help you run in the right direction.

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