In a recent blog post I wrote about my experiences with First Derm.   I’m glad I took the time to review their product as it was important for me medically …  here’s why;

The First Derm app allows a user to take photos using their smart phone camera that can be sent to board certified dermatologists. While the application was first launched to diagnose STDs, the Swedish company has extended above the waist and now offers general dermatology services to iPhone users.

In testing First Derm I noticed a red patch on my face. Forty eight hours later the company contacted me to let me know that I had a pre-cancerous lesion that needed treatment. While I had known it ws likely I had skin damage from my youth in Australia, getting an official diagnosis prompted me to visit the dermatologist.

My dermatologist’s diagnosis concurred with First Derm but also found a basal cell carcinoma in another site. After some minor surgery and cryo-treatment there were no other side effects and I was released with admonitions about sunburn cream.

Thank you @FirstDerm.  Money well spent.

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