Next week I will be heading out to the Box Dev conference in San Francisco where eHealth Technologies‘ new referral pathways solution will be announced.

We’ve had a great experience with Box, particularly with their Head of Healthcare Missy Krasner (@missykras) and also Julien Bassan who worked closely with us to structure deals and connect us with partners.  They’ve made a huge impact on our ability to offer advanced product features that we couldn’t have developed ourselves.

So why did we pick Box?

First, let’s discuss the tablestakes that I believe must be present in any medical solution.

  • Uptime. Our service requires us to deliver records to our customers in an agreed turnaround time. Downtime is not acceptable and Box understands this.
  • Security. Our service stores protected health information, and as such security is paramount. HIPAA/HITECH compliance is a part of this, but other standards such as SOC II type II and SOC 3 play into this as well.
  • Encryption in Transit and at Rest, Audit Trails, etc. All present and accounted for.
  • Synchronization. There is a service center component to our eHealth connect platform and moving data in and out of the cloud reliably without delays is essential to our service. We tend to have a mix of file sizes that can only be handled by enterprise class software.
  • Ease of implementation. Box is built around standards that our engineers are familiar with.

The more important part of the decision was based on Box’s rich ecosystem of medical apps and services. We are particularly interested in the following capabilities;

  • Carebox provides an awesome C-CDA viewer that is interactive and allows physicians to easily navigate through what is essentially a very complicated XML format. A nice addition to the service is the ability to send these documents using direct messaging.
  • MedXT is a box application that allows for viewing of medical imaging files located in a box instance. Clinicians these days are spending more time looking at images and less relying on radiological reports so this capability is an important part of our core products.
  • Box View is an HTML5 PDF viewer that rivals most native applications. It offers crisp vector graphics and is compatible with all the features of our SmartDoc product.

It’s clear that Box is doing their level best to support all the medical imaging formats that are in common use. Without these services my engineering teams would be spending at least a year building basic capabilities and our time to market would be severely impacted.

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