Healthcare Interoperability

Today’s healthcare is in flux. The oldtheocracy presided of white-coated priests is passing away and in its place a bold new philosophy of shared decision making and patient primacy has taken root. At the core of this change is a group of outspokendisruptors who are setting an agenda for change through social media.

Nick Adkins is an keymember of this group. His fanaticism for change (and kilts) is well understood within the community. As the COO of ReelDx, he’s working to bring innovation in the form of video technology into all aspects of healthcare. His provocative call to action can be heard ringing through the twitter sphere – ”#healthcare, it’s not going to #disrupt itself. let’s do it! #GSD” ht @nxtstop1

1. What is this disruption word we keep hearing about?

Disruption is the massive seismic shift which is happening NOW in the way providers & patients interact with each…

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