The numbers are in for 2015, and they show how important eHealth Technologies has become to improving the patient experience at the top hospitals across the country. We are now helping almost 15,000 patients a month have a smoother intake process and receive better care when they are referred to a specialist. To do this, we are now sharing over 11 million pages of medical records annually by reaching out to almost 300,000 healthcare locations. If that were paper, it would stretch half way around the world – so good thing we manage all this information digitally.

We have experienced tremendous growth to get to these numbers. The number of locations from which we retrieve health information increased 54% in December 2015 versus December 2014. Our existing customers have realized the benefits and increased their usage of our service, with a 71% increase in the volume from customers that have been with us since January 2013.

It is not enough to just get all these records for patients, because what is a doctor to do when faced with hundreds of pages of medical records, and only 10 minutes to do a case review before seeing a patient? That is where our clinical organization and indexing service comes in, which ensures that these records are organized based upon the doctor’s clinical specialty, with key clinical keywords and phrases highlighted and hyperlinked. Now finding any report on a “tumor” is one click away. The benefits to clinicians are obvious, and recognized by our customers, which is why we are now indexing over 270,000 pages per month, a 202% increase in December 2015 versus December 2014.

When it comes to the images that we enable for sharing for Health Information Exchanges, we have accelerated as well. We are now sharing over 900 million images annually, up over 250 million from the beginning of the year. We are expanding our reach into large statewide initiatives, and will see even larger deployments of our image sharing solution in 2016. Why is this important? Imaging is a huge component of healthcare costs, and no patient needs to be exposed to excessive radiation from exams like CT Scans. Having all patient images available with a single click, regardless of where those exams were performed, ensures that patients do not have to undergo unnecessary repeat imaging.

What is exciting is that we have only scratched the surface. We are continuing to expand rapidly, while we further increase interoperability and our ability to clinically optimize records for clinicians. So stay tuned and Happy New Year!

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