I’ve been collecting quite a bit of useful information about FHIR over the past few months that I thought my readers might be interested in. All of this information is publically available through well-known sources, but unless you follow the space carefully you might have missed some of it.

Here are two tidbits just for fun!

  1. Did you know that there are currently eighteen Epic FHIR implementations?  You can find the updated list of endpoints here.  I’m not aware of a similar list for Cerner – if you know of one please post it in the comments!
  2. Interested in what FHIR resources are supported by Allscripts, Epic, or Cerner? Look here.  Note that Epic and Allscripts provide read only resources whereas Cerner has much broader support.

As FHIR continues to evolve I’m sure we’ll see broader adoption and more supported resources with a wider set of operations available to developers.   Remember that five years ago you simply couldn’t get this type of clarity from Epic or the other vendors, so the fact that these two small pieces of information even exist bodes well for the future of FHIR.

More next week …




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