Colin is an experienced healthcare IT executive with twenty years experience working in medical imaging and clinical trials. He worked as a Technical Project Manager for Eastman Kodak in Australia where he led the successful implementation of many PACS projects including the National Cancer Center in Singapore. In 2000 Colin moved to Silicon Valley to work as a Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead at Cemax Icon, which subsequently merged with Kodak and relocated to Rochester, New York. Colin was promoted to Manager of the Platform and Rapid Development Teams for Kodak’s Health Care Information Systems business. In 2006 Colin accepted a role as a Director of Software Engineering and member of the Executive Leadership Team at VirtualScopics – a Clinical Research Organization active in clinical trials. Throughout his tenure revenue doubled and VirtualScopics launched many new IT systems for oncology reads. In recognition of his efforts Colin was promoted to Vice President of Software and IT in 2011.

Colin’s work at eHealth Technologies focuses on leading a world class technology team to build a new platform for the “informed clinical referral” that will ensure that patient’s are treated effectively by their physicians and hospitals understand and can increase their revenue streams from those doctors.  He also has a deep interest in compliance and security.

Colin holds a bachelor’s degree in Pure Mathematics and Computer Science as well as a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Queensland. He is an active musician performing with local wind bands.

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